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Ahead Vintage Cymbal Fizzler Sizzle

Ahead Vintage Cymbal Fizzler (Sizzle)

EUR 18,50

What is a Cymbal Fizzler?

Aheads Vintage Cymbal Fizzle is, in short, an adjustable "cymbal rivet simulator". With this you can get very close to the sound of real rivets in your cymbals. And the benefits are obvious: You do not have to drill holes in your cymbals.

In addition, the Ahead Vintage Cymbal Fizzler has the advantage that you can adjust the two arms independently of each other. This allows you to find exactly your "sweetspot" on the cymbal, whereby the best rivet effect is achieved. But it also allows you to only use one of the arms - in case you want a less powerful effect.

You can also choose to completely turn off the sizzle effect. This simply by tilting the two arms up. You can do this with your drumstick, which is why it's possible to turn this device on and off while playing.


  • Made from brushed aluminum
  • Compatible with most cymbal stands
  • Easy to mount
  • 47 cm long fully extended (26 cm -> 47 cm steplessly)
  • 2 independent and adjustable "arms" ensure optimal adjustment
  • Each of the 2 arms is equipped with 4 rivets
  • Thread Size: 6 or 8 mm.

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