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CymbalWorks Cymbals

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Here below, you can browse through our available selection of CymbalWorks cymbals. Remember: At CymbalONE, it is always the excact same cymbal on display in the video that you can buy.

About CymbalWorks

CymbalWorks is a Danish cymbal brand, a family member to SnareWorks snaredrums and StickWorks drumsticks.

The cymbals have been 2,5 years in the making, and a lot of them are still in production. But you can already now buy some of CymbalWorks' cymbals here at CymbalONE.

About the series

Cymbals from CymbalWorks are released under three series: Copenhagen, Casablanca, and Collectables.


Copenhagen is the most "all-around" series without being boring at all. In fact, the Copenhagen cymbals sound amazing, and they should probably be considered as the main series. As we said, it is all-around, but they are still very melodious. With these cymbals, you get an almost crystal-clear sound, which has an exceptional warth and an exquisite complexity. There is a delicate balance between overtones and brightness.

Here, you can listen to the Copenhagen-series.


The Casablanca-series is a very luscious cymbal series, which rings shorter and slightly darker. Shorter reverberation, more distinct attack, but still cymbals of such a thickness that it makes them fun and lively to play. They work great as a complete set-up, but you can also easily combine them with other cymbals.

Here, you can listen to the Casablanca-series.


The last series, Collectables, is somewhat different. We don't try to make the cymbals in this series as similar to each other as possible, but rather we try to vary the cymbals a litte between productions. It can be both the weight and the profile height we are adjusting to create more tonal diversity. In other words, you get a completely unique cymbal series with these cymbals, which are produced for the purpose of giving you something exceptional.

Here, you can listen to the Collectables-series.

What are CymbalWorks made of?

All cymbals from CymbalWorks are made of B20 bronze, which is the primary alloy for this purpose (you can read more about alloy for cymbals here).

How are CymbalWorks produced?

All cymbals from CymbalWorks are hand-hammered. However, some machines are used during production. For instance, the reverse of the Casablanca-series is burnished with an angle grinder. Engraving of logos with a laser is also done with a machine. But the founding, the hammering, the turning, and the quality control is all done with a competent and experienced hand.

Serial number

As something particular, we have chosen to supply the bottom of all CymbalWorks' cymbals with a unique serial number. This means that you will always be able to tell your cymbal from others by this number. Should you be so unfortunate to have your cymbal stolen, it can be an advantage to know the number. But when dealing with CymbalONE, all cymbals are, actually, given a serial number.

Engraving with laser

All cymbals from CymbalWorks have engraved logos, model denotations, and serial numbers. This means that the lettering is not too flashy, and that it will never worn out.

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