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Anatolian Ultimate Cymbals

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Here below, you can browse through our available selection of Anatolian's Ultimate-cymbals. Bear in mind: At CymbalONE, you buy the excact same cymbal on display in the video.

About the Ultimate series

The Ultimate-series is one of Anatolian's flagships. In fact, this series started as their crowning achievement, but since then, Anatolian has launched the Diamond-series, which is now their new first class series.

However, Ultimate has proven its durability, as it offers great cymbals which have a huge following.

The sound

These cymbals are made for drummers on every level of expertice, and they are characterized by their tonal warmth, their high volume, and their big dynamical area.

They are produced from Anatolian's B20 bronze, and they've got a brilliant finish. This means that the cymbals are polished, which contributes to their clear, warm sound.

These cymbals are fit for a broad variety of genres, and they are used by allround-drummers as well as death metal-drummers.

You can buy hi-hat, ride, crash, splash, china, and effects cymbals in the Ultimate-series.

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