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CymbalWorks Collectables Cymbals

Listen to the cymbals from CymbalWorks' Collectables Series here

Here below, you can browse through our available selection of cymbals from CymbalWorks' Collectables Series. Bear in mind: At CymbalONE, you buy the excact same cymbal on display in the video.

About the Collectables Series

The Collecatables Series is something special.

Firstly, the cymbals' sound is entirely unique. The Collectables-cymbals have a drier, slightly more midtoned, and a crunchy sound, and they've got this very crispy attack.

Secondly, we've got another philosophy for the Collectables-cymbals. With these cymbals, we don't try to get the same weight and shape every time, but we rather try to make the cymbals as unique as possible. In other words, each of these cymbals are one of a kind, a distinctly special cymbal which nobody else but one person on the planet can own. These models will be produced in a way, so that the final weight can vary quite a bit from one cymbal to another.

Collectables Series demo video

Here below, you can listen to a recording of cymbals from the Collectables Series from CymbalWorks. The video should give you a general impression of the sound of this series.

There has been used neither EQ or compressor on this recording, so what you hear, is the clean sound recorded with a microphone signal.

Cymbal models

The Collectables Series offers a different selection. You'll find some of the basis models, but weight and shape will differ a bit. We commit ourselves not to make these cymbals identical - our goal is to create a "one of a kind"-cymbal every time.

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