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Low Volume Cymbals

UFO Low Volume cymbals for practicing is a sensible, cheap, and well-functioning solution if you would like to practice or turn down the cymbal sound volume. You can find all our available practice cymbals here.

What is UFO cymbals?

UFO cymbals are also called "low volume cymbals", and they are intended for practicing.

How do you reduce the sound?

By drilling a lot of small holes in the cymbals, we have reduced the mass of the cymbals considerably. By doing so, the cymbal keeps its original shape and will consequently react and move like a regular cymbal - only with a much lower "output". Moreover, you get tones similar to those from normal cymbals - only with a very different frequency (i.e. a lot of treble and almost no bass or midtones).

This is incredibly well suited for practicing or other situaions where you would like to turn down the noise of your cymbals considerably (fx in practice rooms, at music schools, in the context of drumming lessons etc.).

Fit well with electronic drums

The cymbals do also fit very well with electronic drum kits where you'll get a more realistic experience by using these UFO's than the regular electronic cymbals. (Bear in mind, though, that UFO cymbals do not trigger your sound module).

Build a cool drum kit for practicing

You can also build your own (almost) silent practice drum kit consisting of practice plates and UFO cymbals. The crucial difference from only playing on practice plates, however, is that by also having a UFO hi-hat, a bass drum plate, and a snare drum plate you can practice grooves. You are simply just using your body more when playing on a drum set rather than just playing on practice plates. Therefore, it will make quite a difference if you have a small practice set-up including both a hi-hat and a bass drum.

Can be used for effect stacks

Finally, you can make effect stacks out of your UFO cymbals (You can read more about cymbals stacks here.)

In this video, you can see a comparison between the UFO cymbals and regular B20 bronze cymbals.


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