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About matched cymbals

At CymbalONE, we provide you with the service of matching cymbals. This means that we have selected cymbals and matched them in pairs which will sound great together.

How to match cymbals?

The way we match, is rather simple. If you would like to match a pair of 16" and 18" crash cymbals, you start by choosing the primary cymbals, fx by choosing the 18" cymbal you like the best. Then you test several different 16" crash cymbals together with the 18" cymbal already chosen. When you find the 16" cymbal fitting best with the 18" cymbal, you've got a match. This is the matching pair you will find on display in the demontration videos here at CymbalONE.

What cymbals would you match?

Matching cymbals could be two crash cymbals like in the above-mentioned example. But it could also be in the building of stacks that several cymbals should match in the best possible way.

Why match cymbals?

You don't necessarily have to match cymbals. But it is a good way to make sure that the cymbals you purchase are functioning and sounding great together.

Can I have cymbals matched with the cymbals I do already own?

Unfortunately not. This would require that you send your cymbals to us so that we could find a match.

What you can do, however, is to buy the cymbal(s) you think would match the ones you have already got. If you upon reception do not experience a match between our cymbals and your own, you can make use of your right of return. Read more here.

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