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What Is a Cymbal Stack?

Hvad er et baekken stack
Have you ever wondered what "a cymbal stack" actually means? Get the explanation here…

A cymbal stack is when you place two (or maybe three) cymbals on top of each other - without any space between them. By doing so, the cymbals dampen each other which results in a characteristic short crash effect.

Where Does the Cymbal Stack Originate From?

Actually, stacking your cymbals is not a new concept. However, within the past 10 years, it has become hugely popular to do so, especially because of gospel drummers.

How Do You Make a Cymbal Stack?

You will get very different results depending on which cymbals you stack. The combination can either be a large cymbal stacked with another a large cymbal, a large cymbal with a smaller cymbal on top of it, or a small cymbal stacked with another small cymbal.

What all options have in common is that the key to a good result is finding two cymbals that function great together. It can be a china and a crash, a crash and a splash, or whatever you can come up with. Everything is allowed - just make it sound groovy!

Do I Need Special Hardware?

The short answer is no. In fact, you only have to remove the wing nut, the washer, and the felt on top, place your second cymbal on top of the cymbal already there, and then mount the top cymbal with the felt, the washer, and the wing nut again. Finally, tighten as much as you like.

When It Does not Work

You will not be in doubt if the cymbals stacked do not go well together. Typically, you get strange buzzing sounds, metallic rattling sounds, or maybe just a way too low volume. The solution is to change one cymbal with another one, until you get a sound you dig.

The options are (almost) infinite, and moreover, the exciting thing about stacking cymbals is that when you hit jackpot you have got yourself an entirely unique set of cymbals.

Watch a Cymbal Stack In Action

In this video, you can watch the Danish drummer Mikkel Villingshøj play cymbal stacks.

You can also watch this video, if you want to learn more about Cymbal Stacks.



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