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Buy the best drumsticks on the market

Paired by hand in Denmark. Weighed in advance, first-class, American hickory. Excellent balance and surprisingly good durability. Read more here.

StickWorks come in four models, and altogether they meet almost every drummer's needs.

About StickWorks drumsticks

You might think, we are overselling these sticks by calling them the best of their kind.

But if you think about it, there are not that many drumsticks on the market, which have attracted so much attention during production, as StickWorks' sticks have.

What makes StickWorks something special?

• Made from American hickoryweighed in advance.
Paired by hand in Denmark compared to pitch.
• The sticks weigh excactly the same.
• Excellent balance and rebound.
• A thin layer of finish, which ensures durability.
• The head of the sticks almost never splinters.
Leading Danish drummers play wit StickWorks.

How a pair of StickWorks drumsticks are fabricated

The best wood (hickory) is selected in the US and shiped to a factory in Europe. On the factory, the wood is chopped up into logs, which will later on be processed to become drumsticks.

Initially, the wooden logs are weighed and then divided into different weight classes. From each weight class, drumsticks of one particular model are produced. This is smart because, in this way, all wooden logs for fx the 5A model weigh almost the same right from the get-go. The drumsticks end up being incredibly similar when it comes to weight, compared to the competitors.

Special finish prolongs durability

When drumsticks have been turned and polished, they are covered in a thin layer of finish. This finish is almost invisible, but it gets into the wood and prevents it from splintering. Simply put: The finish prolongs the durability of the sticks.

Finally, the drumsticks are imprinted with a logo and shiped to Denmark.

Paired by hand in Denmark

In Denmark, the drumsticks get paired by hand. This means that all drumsticks have been through a set of hands and a couple of competent ears before they become a pair. Initially, the drumsticks are sorted tonally and ranked into a sequence (like a keyboard), before they are matched with a similar stick. The match is both a question of the tone of the individual stick when you hold with a loose grip and hit a hard surface with it, it's a question of color, and finally, a question of the structure of the grains. However, since the weight was already taken care of during the production of the stick, it is really only the density of the wood, you must watch out for.

Subsequently, the StickWorks drumsticks are put into a cover and packed, ready for sale.

Who plays with StickWorks?

The drum sticks from StickWorks are among others used by:

- Søren Friis-Larsen (Dizzy Mizz Lizzy).
- Mikkel Villingshøj (Suspekt).
- Peter Düring (Rasmus Seebach).
- Mike Park (Hatesphere).
- Anders Ramhede (Magtens Korridorer).
- Anders Meinhardt (Medina, Suspekt).
- Morten Løwe (Amaranthe).
- Kim Thomsen (freelance).
- Joachim Dencker Christiansen (Scarlet Pleasure).
- Heine Lennart Christensen (clinician).
… and many others.

You can read more about StickWorks here.

What is B-Selection?

B-Selection are still sticks from StickWorks, but it is second-quality material. This means that you might experience a difference in weight and also more knots, but basically they are still the same, and they are still 100% straight.

StickWorks 5B trommestikker Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Soeren Friis-Larsen - CymbalONE

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