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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


On this page, we have answered some of the most common questions about CymbalONE.

How is CymbalONE different from other webshops?

There is one crucial difference between CymbalONE and other webshops. And the difference is due to the fact that no two cymbals are alike. Cymbals are - in other words - unique items. And this is where the difference emerges:

At CymbalONE we make a unique demo video for every single cymbal that is put up for sale.

That way, you can both see and hear the cymbals for sale before you buy them.


Can I count on the sound of CymbalONE's videos?

I think you can.

In order for you to be able to count on the sound you hear on the videos, I strive to make all the recordings as similar (comparable) and naturally sounding as possible.

The recordings have therefore not been processed with EQ and / or compressors. The sound goes, so to speak, “direct through" the recording equipment.

All the videos are recorded with a set of large diaphragm microphones as overhead, as well as a subtle complementary bass drum microphone.

That is all.

I recommend using a set of quality headphones when listening to the cymbal videos. And preferably a set of headphones that you are used to listening to. This gives you the best impression of the products, and thus also the best foundation for comparing the cymbals.


Are the cymbals on CymbalONE good?

At CymbalONE, we sell quality hand-hammered cymbals from B20 bronze. It is your guarantee that you will get cymbals of the best quality.

There are simply no cymbals that are made of a better material than B20 bronze (read this article on what basins are made of).

And when we talk about quality, it applies to both the sound as well as the durability.

So if you are now sitting and looking at CymbalONE and wondering about the cymbals in the shop - do not despair!

The quality of the cymbals are on a par with, or better than, the big brands.

In short: Cymbals from the top shelf, at reasonable prices.

And in the end, it is your ears that will decide if the cymbals sounds right.


Can I cancel my purchase on CymbalONE?

Yes - you can easily cancel your purchase on CymbalONE according to current terms of trade. Simply fill out a form and return the item - and I'll do the rest.

If you have the courage to read the details, you will find them here.


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