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Buy SLUG accessories for drums at CymbalONE

Here you'll find the different products that we sell from SLUG percussion.

About SLUG

SLUG is an American company that produces excellent, and often not that expensive, drum equipment. 

SLUG differs from other companies since they do their things differently.  

E.g. their Tweek Key is made of glass-filled nylon - a super strong, but light, material which is very suitable for the purpose as a drum key. 

In 1992, SLUG even received a Good Design Award from Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design, for exactly this type of drum key.  

The philosophy behind SLUG

The fundamental philosophy behind SLUG is to improve the capacity of your drum set. 

This is nicely illustrated with Batter Badges from SLUG. These are different types of protection pads for bass drum heads. Other similar products on the market are either suffering from destroying the sound in the bass drum, or by being worn out rather quickly. 

But with Batter Badges, SLUG has made a long-lasting product that doesn't destroy the sound. 

This is just to let you know, that SLUG has highly earned their right to be on the drum equipment market. 

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