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Here you will find all the cymbals from CymbalONE

You can browse through all the unique cymbals of the finest quality here below. They are all for sale at CymbalONE right now.

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Why should you buy your cymbals from CymbalONE?

At CymbalONE, you can choose between a lot of cymbals, and you can listen to each one before you pick and purchase.

You will find both ride cymbals, crash cymbals, splash cymbals, China cymbals, FX cymbals, and of course hi-hat cymbals.

What all of them have in common is that the cymbals are made out of B20 bronze and are hammered by hand. Therefore, every cymbal in this webshop is of the finest quality - both with regard to sound and durability.

But what is even more important about our cymbals - and completely unique about CymbalONE:

Each and every cymbal is accompanied by its own video. This means that the particular cymbal, you watch in a video, is the very one, you can buy; not just a similar one from the warehouse. In other words, you can listen to your new cymbal before you purchase it.

Notice that the sound on every video is completely clean. This means that the sound has not been adjusted in post-production. What you hear has just been recorded through a set of good overhead microphones.

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