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Here you'll find the different products that we sell from Tune-Bot (Overtone Labs).


About Tune-Bot

In 2012, the American company Overtone Labs invented the world's first frequency analysis tuner for drums: Tune-Bot. 

Tune-Bot is still the leading tuner on the market. 

Since the release of the first Tune-Bot, the hardware and the software have been optimized, and the product is used by a vast number of drummers. 

Tune-Bot is built as a kind of 'clip' that you install on the edge of the drum that you wish to tune. Here, the product will stay during the whole tuning process. Contrary to products like Drum Dial, you don't have to move the Tune-Bot while tuning your drum.   

The way it works is that during the tuning process, the Tune-Bot will measure the actual frequency in the drum. It will not measure the tightness in the drum head, but it will listen to the actual tone - a bit like a guitar tuner. 

There are two types of Tune-Bot: Tune-Bot Studio and Tune-Bot Gig. Click on the products and learn more about each type. 

Useful Tune-Bot-links

Manual for the Tune-Bot Gig

Manual for the Tune-Bot Studio

Drum tuning guide

Tuning Calculator (get the "code" for your new drum sound)

How the pros tune their drums

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