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Ear Plugs for Music

The best ear plugs intended for concerts

Here below, you will find the best-offer ear plugs of the finest quality available on the market. Compared to what you should expect from the price, both models overperforms, and they ensure you great musical experiences every time.

Why should you use ear plugs?

Ear plugs are important if you are playing and listening to loud music.

Because if there is one thing you must me aware of regarding your ears, it is that hearing damage is irreversible. Or put another way: Once the damage is done, there is no going back...

We would, therefore, strongly recommend that you always use a pair of good ear plugs when you listen to or play music. No matter if you are a drummer, guitarist, og just a common concert-goer.

Buy ear plugs that you would actually use…

Many users make the mistake of buying the first and finest ear plugs, they come across, when the need arises. Unfortunately, too many ear plugs sound so bad that you put them in your pocket after all.

Therefore, you must notice this detail: It is essential that your ear plugs are right and of good quality so that they protect your ears by dampening the sound without affecting the sound image negatively.

If your ear plugs are not good enough, you will not use them anyway - and how far have we come then.

"Once the damage is done, it is irreversible.
Therefore, I recommend a pair of good ear plugs with an acoustic filter - like Ear Pad from EarSonics."

The problem

Unfortunately, the problem is that many ear plugs for music, you will on the market, promise you the moon and the stars. But! If you place them under scrutiny, they oftentimes don't deliver on their promises.

Packages with an extra "free" ear plug or with several different filters may sound alluring. But buy rather a pair of earplugs where all the money has been spent on quality rather than on gimmicks and accessories, which reduce the quality of the main product - your ear plugs.

The solution

Luckily, there are ear plugs where all the money has been spent on quality.

For instance, French EarSonics has fabricated a pair of supreme, universal ear plugs, and they have spent all the money on the most important thing: Good (real) acoustic filters. Filters which are both sounding great and protecting your ears. They are called Ear Pads, and both children and adults can make use of them.

The slightly cheaper option

Are you not using ear plugs that often, or are you going to buy ear plugs to many people, there is also a cheaper option than the supreme Ear Pads from EarSonics. They are called Ear-Q and come from the Netherlands. With these, you do not get the same sound quality, as you do with Ear Pad, but on the other hand they still knock all other products in the same price range off of the playing field.

More info

In the video below, it is explained what hearing damage really is. It can help you understand the importance of protecting your ears.


Ear plugs for music

CymbalONE sells ear plugs for musicians and concert-goers. Regardless of the abovementioned options you choose, you will get a really good product that will not destroy your musical experience or hurt the sound image.

Protection only, not "in-ears"

The ear plugs we are selling are for musical purposes. But there are no drivers or loudspeakers build into them - we are not selling the so-called "in-ears". Rather, it is ear plugs for protecting your hearing only, just without destroying your musical experience, which a lot of other ear plugs would do.

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