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Buy Flix Sticks, Brushes and Tips

Here you'll find the complete selection of fibre Sticks, Brushes and Tips from Flix. 

Who is Flix?

Flix is a British company that has developed a range of very useful tools for drummers. 

Their starting point - and the common factor - in Flix's products is the coloured fibres. Each model has its own colour and you'll find that the fibres come in different thicknesses and lengths. The colours make it easy to find the right model in your bag, since you know which colour to look for.  

Flix Sticks

Sticks are the common choice if you want to play low, but still want to hit the surface more naturally. Sticks are thought of as an alternative to the regular drumsticks, but they have a way lower output. In other words, they don't hit the surface as tough as regular drumsticks. This type of drumstick is often made of "bamboo sticks", but they often have a low durability. With Flix's fibres you are guaranteed a great sound and a long durability.  

Flix Tips

Tips are similar to Sticks, but they are equipped with a nylon tip from a drumstick at the tip. This enables you to play with a subdivided beat without losing your ghost notes. 

An example could be that you have to play more subdivided (funky) in a church. By having a set of sticks from Flix, you simply can't hear each strike when you play with a low sound. But with a set of Tips, you are able to hear each subdivision. In situations like this, Flix Tips make all the difference. 

Flix Brushes

Flix makes several models in the field of brushes - or whiskers, as they're also called. Again, it's the fibres which make them unique, and the thickness of each fibre makes a large difference as to what each model is best suited for.  

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