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Anatolian Cymbals

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Here below, you will find the available selection of our Anatolian cymbals. Bear in mind: At CymbalONE, you buy the excact same cymbal, which is on display in the video.

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About Anatolian Cymbals

Anatolian Cymbals were founded in 1999 by Temel Tamdeger. At that time, Tamdeger worked for another Turkish cymbal manufacturer, but after 20 years in the business, he had got his own idea about how things should work. Full of new ideas for future cymbal series, he started his own cymbal company - Anatolian Cymbals.

Anatolian differs in several respects from other Turkish cymbal manufacturers. First and foremost, the cymbals just sound excellent. Besides, you are actually able to mix cymbals from different series. Last but not least, you get a very wide selection and an outstanding durability.

Leading Danish drummers

For years, leading Danish drummers have played on the Anatolian.

Peter Düring from Rasmus Seebach and Hej Matematik, Mikkel Villingshøj from Suspekt, Asger Møller from Mads Langer, and Klaus Menzer who plays with among others Sebastian, Moonjam, and Lis Sørensen - they are all part of the Danish Anatolian family.

Anatolian cymbals are legendary for their durability, for which reason also a lot of death metal-drummers swear by this brand. For instance, all three drummers in the band Hatesphere have always played on the Anatolian; Anders GyldenøhrDennis Buhl, and now also Mike Park.

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