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About our cymbals

The best quality

At CymbalONE, we only sell cymbals of the best quality possibly. These are all hammered by hand and made from B20 bronze. This material guarantees you cymbals with the sonic capabilities you would expect, from only the best cymbals. You simply cannot find cymbals made from a better material than B20 bronze (read this artical about what cymbals are made from).

And talking about quality, it's not only a matter of sound, but a matter of durability as well.

About Anatolian Cymbals

Right from the get-go in 1999, it has been Anatolian's ambition to produce the finest cymbals in the world. Well, it is, of course, a question about taste, whether or not this cymbal actually is the best of its kind, but Anatolian is doing a great job, none the less, and this cymbal does the deed no matter the musical genre.

And when leading Danish drummers as Peter Düring (pop/rock), Klaus Menzer (all round), Mikkel Villingshøj (gospel/hip-hop), Mike Park (death metal), and Niclas Bardeleben (jazz) have all been playing on the Anatolian through so many years, it is not because they have been paid to do so.

You can see all our Anatolian cymbals here.

About Dream Cymbals

Dream was founded in 2005 by the Canadian drummer, Andy Morris. His vision was clear: To recreate the sound of the classical A and K cymbals from the very old days and to produce them in China. In several respects, he has succeeded with this mission tremendously well. If you get hold of a great-sounding Dream cymbal, it is difficult for any other model of cymbals to match its audio qualities - no matter the price!

You can see all our Dream cymbals here.

About CymbalWorks

CymbalWorks is a new contender, launched in May 2020. These cymbals are developed in Denmark, and manufactured abroad. With these cymbals, you will find even more new sounds. And what sounds! Check out the lovely trashynewss of the unique Collectables series, the dry and defined sound from the Casablance series, or the clear and warm sounds of the Copenhagen series. You should also read the review from Dutch drum magazine Slagwerkkrantz - you can read it here.

About UFO

UFO cymbals stand out among the other kinds of cymbals at CymbalONE. UFO cymbals are fabricated for the purpose of practicing and are not like common cymbals used at concerts or the like. The UFO's don't make much of a sound, and in some situations that would be precisely what is preferred (e.g. in an apartment, at a music school etc.). In addition, they can be recommended for cymbal stacks (you can read about cymbal stacks here.)

You can see all our UFO cymbals here.

About weight, profile height, and serial numbers

All cymbals on display at CymbalONE are accompanied with information about weight, height, and serial number.


The cymbals are weighed on a digital scale before filming. The weight of a cymbal is given in grams, not kilograms, fx 1960 g (1.96 kg).

Profile height

The profile height is the term for a cymbal's height. We measure it by placing a cymbal on a table, and then the distance between the tabletop and the underside of the cymbal's bell indicates the height. The height indicates how much the cymbal curves, which is of great importance for the tone characterization of a particular cymbal.

Serial number

Every cymbal is provided with a serial number in order to know each cymbal from the others, also from those who are similar to it. The serial number is ascribed, before the cymbal goes through the whole process of selection, weighing, measuring, registration, photography, filming, uploading to YouTube, and until it's put on display on CymbalONE's webshop. When you order a cymbal, the serial number is also evident on your order and invoice. This is also your guarantee that the cymbal, you receive, is, in fact, the very same on display in the video, you watched.

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