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Cymbal Felt

Our selection of cymbal felt for your drum set 

Here you'll find all of our different cymbal felts that you can buy at CymbalONE

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About our cymbal felt products

We are selling several types of products, which can all be used for the same purpose. It is up to you what you prefer, and to make your decision based on that.


If you prefer the classic type of felt - which are in fact made from wool - Ahead offers you 3 different colors to choose from: Black, Blue and Red. Great value!


Another great choice, if you prefer the classic type of felt. SLUG have you covered with two choices - both in the color grey. SLUG delivers a great deal, with their cymbal felt.


We are selling cymbal felt from Cympad, which is not, in fact, cymbal felt, but rather foam!

This material has an exquisite durability, and it is better suited for cymbals than common cymbal felt is, as it gives your cymbals more mobility.

In addition, with the Chromatics series from Cympad you can give your cymbal stands a colourful top and thus "style" your own drumkit in a way that has not previously been possible.

No Nuts

No nuts offers a rather different type of cushion, which is actually an accessory for their No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves. These are made from rubber and have several functions that they will fulfill. One of them is to be used instead of regular cymbal felt.

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