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StickWorks Drumsticks

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Here below, you can browse through our available products from StickWorks.

StickWorks probably produces the most exclusive sticks on the market. They are matched by hand in Denmark. Read more about StickWorks at the bottom of this page.

About StickWorks

Here below, you can read more about the lauded drumsticks from StickWorks.

The weight is (practically) identical

StickWorks distinguishes themselves by the fact that all drumsticks of the same model weigh the same with maximum 1-2 grams difference. This is possible because all wood is weighed and categorized before it is turned into drumsticks.

This way, all wood in one weight class becomes the 5A model, all wood from the next weight class becomes the 5B model etc., and by doing so, all differences in weight are practically neutralized.

Paired by hand in Denmark

Drumsticks from StickWorks are paired by hand in Denmark. They are paired by tonality and color of the wood. Hence, every pair of sitcks is consistently similar in density of the wood, and thus, the sound they will respectively produce from your cymbals is similar.

Who plays with StickWorks?

A long array of Danish drummers use StickWorks.

Søren Friis (Dizzy Mizz Lizzy) uses the 5B model.
Anders Ramhede (Magtens Korridorer) uses the 5A model.
Peter Düring (Rasmus Seebach) uses the 5A model.
Mikkel Villingshøj (Suspekt) uses the 5B model.
Anders Meinhardt (Medina) uses the 5AB model.
Mike Park (Hatesphere) uses the 5B model.
Joachim Dencker Christiansen (Scarlett Pleasure) uses the 5B model.
Heine Lennart (clinician) uses the 5AB model.

You can also become a member of the StickWorks family. You are most welcome!

Can I get sticks with my own name or logo?

Sure! It will still state "StickWorks" on the handle, and then your logo will be placed on the middle. However, you have to buy minimum 100 pairs of sticks, and you have to buy a printing plate (this only an investment you have to make once, though).

Contact us by mail or phone if you would like your own logo on your drumsticks from StickWorks. (PS: If you buy logo-sticks, they will be delivered unpaired in one, big box).

Read more about drumsticks with your own logo here…

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