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Vulcan Cymbals

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Here you'll see our selection of Vulcan Cymbals. Remember - At CymbalOne you buy the exact same cymbal that you see in the demonstration video! 

About Vulcan Cymbals

Vulcan Cymbals originates from the foot of the great Sicilian vulcan Etna - where the company is also located today. The company was established by the Italian drummer Arrigoni Massimiliano, who still runs the company. Back in the day, Arrigoni contributed in developing cymbals together with the legendary Roberto Spizzichino. When Spizzichino died in 2011, one of his employees joined forces with Arrigoni, and Vulcan Cymbals became a reality.   

Thus, we can say that the heritage of Spizzichino lives on through the Vulcan Cymbals. 

All of the cymbals are carefully thought out in Italy, but they are manufactured in Turkey, and they are entirely made of B20 bronze. The entire production is conducted by hand, and only by the best cymbal blacksmiths. Some of these blacksmiths have more than 30 years of experience in their field.   


Vulcan Cymbals strives to create high quality cymbals with new kinds of tones on the basis of the craftsmanship traditions and techniques from the ancient cymbal blacksmiths.


Vulcan Cymbals produces a variety of different cymbal series. The series you will find here at CymbalOne are: 

White Master | Dark Master | Papa | Legend | Vintage 50's

Test of Vulcan Cymbals

In February 2020, Rhythm Magazine tested the Vulcan Dark Master Cymbal Series. You'll find the test result via the link below: 

Read about Rhythm Magazine's test of Vulcan Dark Master Cymbal Series

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