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No Nuts

Buy No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves, CymRings, and SizzleNuts

American No Nuts makes a range of smart accesories for cymbals.
Here you find the complete selection.

About No Nuts

Bill McFadden and Rodney Pino are collaborators and together they have developed the No Nuts products. They have been friends for more than 20 years, have played together, had a studio together - and are now co-inventors of No Nuts. The company was established in 2015 and patented their Cymbal Sleeves in 2017. The products have been on the market since 2019.

About No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves

Cymbal Sleeves are No Nuts first - and patented - product. A very simple cymbal holder that singlehandedly replaces all of the parts that normally sit at the end of your cymbal stand.

Cymbal Sleeves are available in sets of 3 and in both black and red.

About CymRings

With CymRings, you can have multiple cymbals on your No Nuts at the same time. You can also use the rings as spacers, a bit like felt, if you wish to stack your cymbals or if you simply like the look of felt on your cymbals.

About SizzleNut

With SizzleNut, No Nuts have made a truly smart cymbal sizzler. You can adjust the length of the chain as you wish, simply by coiling up the length of chain you do not wish to use. Furthermore, the brass chain sounds amazing. It mixes well and integrates its tone with your cymbal.

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