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Anatolian Dry Series Cymbals

Listen to Dry Series-cymbals here

Here below, you can browse through our available selection of Anatolian's Dry Series-cymbals. Bear in mind: At CymbalONE, you buy the excact same cymbal on display in the video.

About Dry Series from Anatolian

Dry Series from Anatolian was introduced in 2017, and shown at the Namm Show 2018 for the first time.

With Anatolian's Dry Series, you get a selection of lightweight, semi-lathed cymbals. The semi-lathing of cymbals gives them a slightly drier and a little shorter decay. There are a lot of tonal nuances to play with in these cymbals. In a good way, they sound a little trashy, which is quite trendy at the moment, and this sound will definitely contribute with some new and exciting qualities to your existing setup.

The series is especially suited for latin, jazz, pop, gospel and rock.

In the Dry Series, the light meets the dark, the trashiness meets the warm.

About the Dry Series models

Dry Series are available in the below array of cymbal models:

Anatolian Dry Series Rides

20", 21", 22", 24" Ride
20" Custom Ride

Anatolian Dry Series Crashes

16", 17", 18", 19", 20" Crash

Anatolian Dry Series Hihats

14", 15" Regular Hihats

Other Anatolain series to match up with

The Dry Series cymbals blends very well with other series like the JC Series, Emotion Series as well as Mystic Series. All of these series shares some of the same sonic qualities. These cymbals are all sonically on the darker side, and great for jazz, pop, rock - basically any genre where you want some darkness, warmth and complexity.

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