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Hi-hat Cymbals

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About the hi-hats

At CymbalOne, you can buy hi-hats for all kinds of music - whether you play heavy or jazz.

On each product page here you can listen to excactly that particular hi-hat, which is for sale. This means that the hi-hat on display in the video is the very same we will ship to you - not a similar one from the stock.

Weight specification

On every of CymbalONE's product pages, you can read information about a particular cymbal. The specification of the weight of each hi-hat cymbal is also stated. Does it say "1,300 / 1,500 grams", it means that the top weighs 1,300 grams, while the bottom weighs 1,500 grams.

Profile height

You can also find information about profile height. This is found by measuring the distance from the underside of the bell to the tabletop, on which the cymbal lies. The higher the number of the profile height is, the more does the cymbal curve. This should always be seen in relation to the diameter, as bigger cymbals inherently will have a slightly higher profile than smaller cymbals.

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