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B-Selection Drumsticks

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B-Selection delivers 100% straight drumsticks made from American hickory. These drumsticks are the second choice edition from StickWorks.

About B-Selection

Here below, you can read more about B-Selection drumsticks and why you really get your money's worth with these sticks.

What is B-Selection

B-Selection is made by StickWorks, and they are really "just" second choice sticks, which, in practice, means a few differences and a lot of similarities from the first choice.

B-Selection drumsticks…

  • are not paired when you get them.
  • are always 100% straight.
  • are delivered without sleeve.
  • can deviate in color and weight compared to first choise sticks from StickWorks.
  • can have minor flaws in the wood (slightly coarser grains etc.)

Do they differ in weight?

You might experience some variation in weight from B-Selection compared to StickWorks. But since StickWorks are weighing almost completely the same, it's hard to compete, and the B-Selection sticks really don't differ much.

Are there gnarls?

You might find some sligtly darker spots on the sticks from the gnarls, which you wouldn't find on StickWorks.

Will the heads split?

No, they won't. Just like StickWorks drumsticks, the heads of the drumsticks generally won't splinter.

However, we cannot completely guarantee that in some sticks there might be some structures in the grains, which increase the risk slightly, but we have never experienced splitting heads from StickWorks.

What material are they made from?

For the B-Selection, it is excactly the same first-class wood which is used for StickWorks, namely American hickory.

Are the drumsticks straight?

Yes! 100% straight - you'll never come across one that wasn't!

Can I buy B-Selection drumsticks with my name or logo on them?

Yes, you can. It will still state the brand "B-Selection" on the handle, but you can order the sticks with your logo on the middle of the stick (the visible area when you play with them).

Read more about drumsticks with logo here…

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