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About Cymbal Accessories

Traditional Solutions

Traditionally, the cymbal holder on a cymbal stand consists of several loose parts that together form the holder at the end of the cymbal stand.

The oldest existing solution consists of various parts, starting at the bottom with a round and flat metal disc with a hole in the middle. This disc forms the bottom or base for the construction that follows above it. Above the supporting disc, there is a piece of felt located under the cymbal, then the cymbal itself, followed by another piece of felt over the cymbal, and sometimes a tension washer. Finally, it concludes with a wing nut.

Oh yes, there's actually one more thing we've left out. Usually, around the threaded rod, there is a piece of rubber hose, which aims to protect the cymbal from "metal-to-metal contact" when playing, which in the worst case could create a keyhole in the cymbal.

The other solution typically seen is a bit newer but also simpler. Instead of starting with a metal disc, it begins with a T-shaped plastic mold (which is inverted when installed). Its purpose is to replace both the supporting metal disc from before and the protective rubber hose that guards against metal-to-metal contact. With this type of "foundation," the first supporting piece of felt follows, then the cymbal, another piece of felt, and finally, it finishes with a wing nut on top.


In recent years, several alternative solutions have emerged for this cymbal holder setup. Typically, these aim to simplify the construction with many loose parts (notoriously known for disappearing in shared drum kits in schools, venues, etc.) or to optimize the cymbal's sound. There might also be a cosmetic element, such as a desire for colored cymbal holders or a cleaner and more classic look. (You might want to check out the cymbal screws page as well.)

But let's see what you can do for your drum kit with the different solutions you find here at CymbalONE.

CRS - Cymbal Resonance System

The CRS holder is a Norwegian invention designed to isolate your cymbal as much as possible from the cymbal stand. Why? Because the cymbal stand, being a relatively heavy and inert object, significantly dampens the vibrations in your cymbal when it's mounted on the stand. This is similar to what happens with the tom holder on a drum kit, where you find various "isolation systems" intended to optimize the resonance and tone of the drum. In essence, the CRS holder creates freedom of vibration for your cymbals, resulting in a more open and broad cymbal sound. You'll experience a softer and more pleasant playing feel, which can also provide a bit of extra dynamic range at lower volumes.

However, the CRS holder is constructed like a traditional cymbal holder, with a rubber hose, metal disc, felt, and wing nut.

No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves

The American company No Nuts has designed this holder, which stands out with many advantages and features despite its seemingly simple appearance.

Here, you start by removing EVERYTHING that comes with the cymbal holder originally. All you need is the raw threaded rod left after removing all felt, screws, etc. Next, simply screw your No Nut Cymbal Sleeve onto the cymbal stand, and according to the manufacturer, you're ready to attach the cymbal. However, it's recommended to supplement with a single piece of felt or a Cympad Optimizer at the bottom. This ensures that the cymbal sits better, softer, and more freely (the holder is conical, allowing more freedom of movement for the cymbal the higher it goes), resulting in a better playing feel and sound.

Another good thing about No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves is the material they are made of. They are not made of hard plastic but a type of plastic that is firm yet flexible in the cymbal stand, preventing broken holders.

Accessories for No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves

For No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves, two additional products are available: CymRings and SizzleNut.


CymRings are small rubber rings that move quite slowly on the holder. This means that, in practice, you can use them as small "locks" and, for example, place a smaller cymbal upside down over the first cymbal by using these rings as holders/locks.


SizzleNut is a "rollable" cymbal chain that utilizes the friction between the cymbal holder and the base of the cymbal chain. This way, you can roll up the chain until the length fits and then secure it with a downward press. Quite clever and straightforward.

Get Them in Colors

No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves are available in various colors, allowing you to add some flair to your cymbal stands—if you wish.

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