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Drum Tuners

Buy drum tuners for your drums at CymbalONE

Here you'll find the different drum tuners that we sell from Drum Dial and Tune-Bot (Overtone Labs).

About tuners for drums

If you want your drums to sound amazing, a tuner for drums (or a drum tuner) will make your life way much easier. 

It's no secret that it's difficult to tune drums. Actually, some people completely give up on this. 

It can take many hours of practice, experiments and endurance just to get close to the sound in your head. 

A tuner for drums will remove these obstacles, and let you tune your drums in a simple, easy and non-frustrating way.  

How does a drum tuner work? 

The measuring (Drum Dial)

Basically, there are two types of tuners for drums. Drum Dial is one of them, and it will measure the tightness of the drum head through a tension rod. The concept is simple. When the drum head has the same tightness at all the tension rods, you have tuned your drum well.  

The listening (Tune-Bot)

The other type of tuner will measure the actual tone that your drum head creates. A bit like a guitar tuner. 

Benefits and disadvantages with each type 

Let's take a look at the benefits and the disadvantages with the Drum Dial and the Tune-Bot. 

Benefits with the measuring tuner for drums: 

  • You can tune the drum from zero, i.e. before the drum head can even make a tone
  • It's super fast
  • It works without batteries (Drum Dial Analog
  • You can tune your drum in a noisy environment (e.g. behind the stage, in the rehearsal room etc.)
  • You'll get a steady reading on the instrument which is easy to respond to 

Disadvantages with the measuring tuner for drums: 

  • It can be slightly difficult to make a precise reading (Drum Dial Analog)
  • You have to move the tuner from lug to lug - over and over
  • It cannot make a 100% tuning of your drums (but close to it, and within a very short time).
  • The tuner is quite heavy compared to its size   

Benefits with the listening tuner for drums: 

  • It's very precise 
  • You can save your preferable settings (tunings) in the built-in memory slot 
  • You have the option of tuning your drum in one specific lug as your 'master', and then the rest of the lugs will be tuned in relation to this
  • Since it uses a microphone as a measurement tool, you don't have to move the tuner 

Disadvantages with the listening tuner for drums: 

  • It can only be used when the drum has already achieved a measurable tone
  • Since it is very precise, it works slower compared to the Drum Dial 

Which tuner for drums should I choose? 

As you can see, there are quite many things you should consider before buying a tuner. Therefore, we will give you a few general recommendations. 

Are you inexperienced in tuning drums? 

Then you should probably buy a Drum Dial. It will quickly help you to reach your goal, and you will be able to use this type of tuner the moment the drum head has been attached to your drum. With a Drum Dial, you can practically tune the drum without listening during the tuning process. 

Do you have some experience, but never really reach your goal?

Here, both types will be recommendable. 

Drum Dial is for you whose most important goal is to finish rather quickly, and where it's maybe not that important that the drums are tuned 100% - as long as they sound good. 

Tune-Bot is for you who have an ambition of becoming the best at tuning drums, and where it's most important to exactly reach the drum goal no matter how long it takes. 

Are you experience, but is rather busy? 

Then Drum Dial will be a great choice. It's fast and you'll be able to tune just the right amount to create a great sound. 

Are you experienced, but would like to achieve a greater sound uniformity?

Then Tune-Bot is really good. It will remember your preferable settings (Tune-Bot Studio), so you can easily recreate the same tune as before. Thus, it will help you to reach your exact drum goals. 

Still in doubt?

If the recommendations above did not answer your questions concerning what is most suitable for you, then you are always welcome to call, write or chat with us. See contact info below. 

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