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Bass Drum O's

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About Bass Drum O's

If you need a hole in your front bass drum head, then you've found the right place!  

With Bass Drum O's holes, you'll get a stylish and solid solution for your bass drum. You can choose between 36 models (5 sizes and 8 colours). 

So now, there are only two things to do: 

First of all, it's important to use the right hole cutting tool. Read more about this below. 

Second of all, you need to use a Bass Drum O's in order to reinforce the hole.  

Make the hole in your bass drum head solid

Bass Drum O's consist of two plastic rings. One of them sits in the front of the drum head and the other sits on the back. The back part is self-adhesive, but it will also click over the front part that goes through the drum head.   

Thus, the two rings work as a 'sandwich' around the drum head, and this will give you an incredibly solid hole in your bass drum. 

Style your bass drum 

With Bass Drum O's amplifying rings, you'll get the opportunity to style your bass drum. The Bass Drum O's come in a wide selection of colours and sizes. Thus, you can easily choose the number, placement and colours in order to get the result you're looking for. 

Remember to get a Bass Drum O's Hole Cutting Tool

When you have to make a hole in your bass drum, it's important to choose the right cutting tool. If you make a hole that is not 100% even around the edge, the drum head might actually crack. Therefore, when you have to make a hole in your front bass drum head, you should always use a Bass Drum O's Hole Cutting Tool. You'll find it here.    

Pro tip

Once you're in the process of styling your drum set, you might as well consider buying Cympad Chromatics in the same colour as your new hole in the bass drum. You'll find them here

Demonstration Video

Here you can see a demonstration of Bass Drum O's including how to install the product on your bass drum.  

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