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Anatolian Diamond Cymbals

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Here below, you can browse through our available selection of Anatolian's Diamond-cymbals. Bear in mind: At CymbalONE, you buy the excact same cymbal on display in the video.

About the Diamond-series

Anatolian's Diamond-series was lauched as a new top series in 2008. With the Diamond-series, Anatolian proved once again that they are capable of creating new and entirely different cymbal-series. Quickly, the Diamond-cymbals became popular, due in part to the fact that Peter Düring played with an entire Diamond-setup when AQUA was resurrected in the same period.

The sound

When it comes to tonal character, the Diamond-series is positioned in the lighter end of the scale. The sound directs your thoughts towards musical genres like hip-hop, soul, R&B, pop, and gospel. Diamond-cymbals are characterized by being light, fast, and crispy. They have a fine way of crashing and are great to mix with electronical music.

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