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Tight Screws - CymbalONETight Screws in several sizes

Tight Screws

EUR 9,20

Tight Screws is probably the most underrated piece of drum equipment on the market.

A tension rod does not seem like much, but once you have experienced the difference that Tight Screws actually makes, namely that your drums still tune after two weeks, there will be no turning back.

They work by having a nylon insert that creates friction. Enough that your screws stay in place, but not so much, that you won't be able to turn them.

Tight Screws was developed in the USA by drummer Carl Scott, and are available in four different sizes: 42mm, 52mm, 65mm and 110mm.

In addition, we currently have a few packs of Tight Screw of 35mm, ie in an extra short version.

Package content

ConteThere are 4 screws in one package.


Tight Screws feel tight from the minute you insert them. It can therefore be a good idea, to remove your current screws one at a time, and replace it with a Tight Screw. This way you can go from regular tension rods to Tight Screws much faster.

Please note

These Tight Screws do not fit DW drum kits as these have a tighter thread.

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