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Sex Wax - Drumstick wax

EUR 4,99

Do you ever struggle with your drumsticks slipping out of your hands? Then you have the cheapest, simplest and most effective solution - right here.

Sex Wax is a special wax that you apply to the shaft of your drumsticks. The wax does not need to dry first, and the sticks are ready for use immediately.

Once you have applied the Sex Wax to your drumsticks, the sticks has a grip like never before - without it being too sticky or annoying in any way.

The blue Sex Wax "puck" lasts quite a long time. In other words: You can apply it to many of your drumsticks before it's time to buy a new block of Sex Wax.

The Sex Wax story

Sex Wax comes from the sunny state of California. The company was founded in the 70's by Mr. Zog.

He and chemist Nate Skinner launched the brand Sex Wax in 1972, which quickly became a brand when non-slip prepping a surfboard.

The company's primary product has always been wax for surfboards. But at one point, they got the idea to develop a variant for drumsticks, as a simple and very useful solution for people with sweaty hands.

Worth knowing

  •     Sex Wax does not stain
  •     Sex Wax improves your grip on any drumstick
  •     Sex Wax can prevent blisters, as you can relax more when playing
  •     Sex Wax smells of coconut

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