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Dizzy Mizz Lizzy's custom StickWorks 5B modelJoachim Dencker Christiansen og Scarlet Pleasures custom StickWorks 5A modelStatement farve print af logo på StickWorks eller B-Selection trommestikker - CymbalONEHatespheres custom StickWorks 5B model

Drumsticks with custom logo

EUR 555,00

Get your own signature drumsticks

Most drummers probably dream of having their own personal drumsticks, with their own name or logo on.

If you are one of them, then there is good news! Because with StickWorks and B-Selection drumsticks, you can get exactly that.

Drumsticks for schools and institutions

If you work at a music school, drumsticks with your school logo or  name could be a clever solution, in order to prevent drumsticks from "disappearing" as much.

Drumsticks as merchandise

Or maybe you need drumsticks that you and your band can sell along with all the other merchandise? Here, too, these drumsticks can be beneficial.

So whatever your needs, you can buy the acclaimed StickWorks drumsticks (or 2nd grade variant B-Selection) and have your own name or logo printed on it.

Drumsticks of the best quality

The drumsticks are the same as Søren Friis from Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Anders Meinhardt from Medina, Mike Park from Hatesphere, Joachim Dencker Christiansen from Scarlet Pleasure play with - just to name a few.

The drumsticks made from american hickory, and they are 100% straight - whether it is 1st or 2nd grade.

The short version: StickWorks drumsticks are not only approved, they are excellent!

How many sets must I buy?

You buy either 50 or 100 pairs of drumsticks at once.

The drumsticks are delivered unpaired in one large box, and without sleeves. If you would like to have sleeves, you can buy them for EUR 0,15 each.

How do I make the logo?

The area for your logo measures 90x12 mm, and is located in the middle of the drumsticks.

A file must be used for the purpose in EPS, AI, PDF or PSD (color) format. CymbalONE is happy to help with this free of charge, as long as you have your graphics or text in place.

The logo can be both in black and white or in colors 🌈 - the price is the same :-)

Which models can I order?

The drumsticks can be ordered as resp. StickWorks 7A, 5A, 5B, 5AB or B-Selection 5A, 7A, 5B.

How long will it take?

It takes somewhere between 2-4 weeks from the time you order your drumsticks until they are delivered.

The fine print

  • The StickWorks / B-selection logo will still be on the bottom of the handle. So it is the visible part of the drumstick where your logo sits.
  • Drumsticks with logo can not be returned after purchase.
  • The drumsticks are delivered unpaired in one assembled box.
  • Sleeves are not included, but can be purchased separately when you order your drumsticks.

Other questions

If you any have questions about these custom logo drumsticks, you are, as always, very welcome to call 26 810 910, or send an email.

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