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Fat Cat Snappy Snare Pitch - CymbalONEFat Cat Snappy Snare Pitch - CymbalONE

Fat Cat Snappy Snares (Pitch) 20-strands

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Here you get a really solid, crisp and well-sounding snare for your snare drum.

The Pitch model

For snare drums with a small (if any) snare bed

Fat Cat makes both a "pitch" and a "no pitch" version of these 20-strand snare wires.

This model is called "pitch", and is intended for snare drums with no - or very almost no - snare beds.

The difference between the two models lies in the design of the small plate itself, that holds the strands. These plates are designed so that they provide the best possible contact between the drum head and the snares, with the least amount "buzz".

One of the things that happens when you tighten up the snares on the "pitch" model, is that the threads are pulled a little more "down" into the resonant head, which is an advantage when there is not much (if any) snare bed on the drum.

About Fat Cat Snappy Snares

Fat Cat from the USA and is known for their innovative and high-performance snares. Fat Cat uses only first-class materials, which ensures that you get a fantastic sound from their products.

The 20 strands are made of 90% carbon stainless steel, which gives an extra crisp sound. The end plates are made of stainless steel with a nice gun metal finish.

How to determine if your snare drum has snare beds

If you remove the hoop and the drum head from the bottom of your snare drum, you can quite easily determine if the snare drum has a snare bed or not.

Simply place the drum - with the bottom facing down - on a flat table. Now see if light escapes under the edge of the drum where the snares should sit. If you can see light passing through, your snare drum has snare beds.

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