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Cymbal Rivets

Here You See All the Cymbal Rivets Available at CymbalOne

Below, you can see all the different solutions we offer when it comes to cymbal rivets.

How Do I Install My Cymbal Rivets?

First off, you need to consider whether you have the courage to install the rivets yourself.

In this article, you find a guide that tells you how to measure and thereafter install your rivets in the cymbal. When you have read the article, you will surely have a better idea of whether this is a job you want to take on yourself.

Why Cymbal Rivets?

Many drummers love cymbal rivets because of their light, soft, and "buzzing" tone. The sound of cymbal rivets is often connected to jazz music but the rivets have slowly but surely found their way into various other genres as well.

Cymbal rivets give your cymbals a long "zizzzzzzzz" sustain. You typically see the rivets on jazz ride cymbals. However, other types of ride cymbals, crash cymbals, and even hihats can also be fitted with rivets. 

The way cymbal rivets change the sound of the cymbal is most often like this: When the cymbal normally fades and you can no longer hear it because of the other instruments, the rivets make it possible to hear the cymbal. In other words, you can hear the fade of the cymbal more clearly - and for a longer time.

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