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SLUG Batter Badge - Single

EUR 12,95

SLUG's batter badge pads for bass drum are fantastic!

SLUG's Batter Badges have the special property that they are both durable and at the same time retain the original attack in the bass drum - or very close at least. In other words, your bass drum sound won't change into a wild death-metal kick, just because you apply this pad. As a matter of fact, you barely won't notice any difference in sound.

Here's how you do it

You simply mount this pad right where your bass drum beater hits the batter head. It protects and prolongs the life of your bass drum head, and also minimizes the risk of breaking through it.

When you use SLUG's protection pads, you also do not destroy the natural impact in your bass drum (as usually happens with this type of product).

SLUG Batter Badges are made of a material that both protects the drum head and preserves the sound.

Add attack to your MESH head

If you have a practice drum kit with mesh heads, these batter badges are nice!

They add a slight attack to the bass drum, which many may well miss a bit. With SLUG's Batter Badges you get the solution.

Mounting the Batter Badge

SLUG's Batter Badges are easy to install, as they are self-adhesive.

First, make sure that the big drum head is clean and free of dirt. Then remove the protective backing and carefully mount the pad right where the beater hits your bass drum head.

It is important that you hit the right spot in your first attempt, as the glue is quite strong.

Also available for double pedal

If you play with a double pedal, then you should buy this instead.

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