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The Bass Drum Lift

EUR 49,95

The Bass Drum Lift was deviced by the American Arti Dixson and is probably a contender for "most improvements per Euro". It may sound a bit silly but is it quite remarkable how many improvements this simple device manages to make.

What The Bass Drum Lift Does

  • Your bass drum sounds bigger as the drum pedal does not squeeze it
  • Your beater strikes the middle of the bass drum head, giving more depth to the sound
  • You prevent wear on the bass drum hoops caused by the pedal
  • You avoid scrambling around on the ground when removing the pedal
  • The Bass Drum Lift works on both carpet and wooden floor
  • Extra self-adhesive strip (for extra height) for 16-18" bass drums
  • Makes it possible to horizontally align the beaters at the center of the drum when using a double pedal
  • Makes a 20" bass drum feel like a 22" bass drum
  • You can easily move the pedal from one bass drum to another

How The Bass Drum Lift Works

Instead of mounting the bass drum pedal directly on the bass drum, as you normally do, you mount the pedal on The Bass Drum Lift (see picture). Now the pedal is attached to the lift. Then you place the lift, with the pedal attached, under the bass drum and you are ready to rock.

It Is Quite Steady! (Despite Its Lean Build...)

You might think that everything will start sliding around when you start playing. This, however, is not the case.

Makes Your Bass Drum's Sound Bigger

Multiple aspects of The Bass Drum Lift improve the sound of your bass drum.

First, your bass drum is set free. Free, as in your bass drum pedal does not have its tone-killing grip on the hoop of the bass drum when you use The Bass Drum Lift.

Tone-killing... you might think. But it sounds dead anyway? Yes, but none the less, having the pedal grip the bass drum hoop still takes away volume from your bass drum.

Second, you can place the beater at the center of the bass drum head. If you wonder what this does for the sound, you can try hitting your floor tom right in the center and thereafter more to the side of the drum. You will see how much of a difference this makes and the same happens to your bass drum when the beater hits it in the center of the drum head.

Works Well With Double Pedals

Another advantage of the lift is that you can easily adjust the pedal sideways. This means that the beaters now can be positioned at either side of the center of the drum head, which gives a uniform sound for both beaters.

Easier to Disassemble

Oh, and not to forget, it is pretty cool packing up the bass drum and the pedal. Now, all you have to do is to lift up the bass drum without removing the pedal. Thereafter, you pick up your pedal - again without unclasping it from the bass drum first.

One more thing…

And just one more thing… Say goodbye to wear and tear on the bass drum hoop from your pedal. Some drummers may not care about this while others protect their drums as if they were their kids. Regardless of your attitude towards your drums, it is a nice feature.


Below, you can see how you can easily move The Bass Drum Lift and an attached pedal from one bass drum to another.

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