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Cymbal Crown Cymbal Holder

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A Cymbal Crown replaces all the small parts you have at the end of your cymbal stand. That being the felt, screw, metal parts, rubber pipes, plastic parts - whatever is sitting, depending on the make.

The point of a Cymbal Crown is to make it easy to take the cymbal on and off, as well as give the cymbal the maximum freedom of movement.

One smart thing about the Cymbal Crowns is that they have a built-in "rubber cushion" that the cymbal can rest on. This never wears out, nor can it disappear as it is an integral part of the holder. (Ingenious for music schools, venues and the like).

Benefits of Cymbal Crown

  • no metal against metal
  • does not make keyholes in your cymbal
  • gives the cymbal 100% freedom of movement
  • lightning-fast setup of cymbals
  • prolongs the reverberation in your cymbals
  • fits all normal cymbal racks
  • available for 6 or 8 mm. thread

Opinion on the Cymbal Crown

"For anyone with doubts about the Cymbal Crown, I have to say "Buy some, you will not be sorry!" I have been using them for more than a year now both on stage and in the studio, and they are all that! Makes set up and teardown of cymbals quick and easy, lets them ring out, and eliminates the squeaks and clicks of metal on metal in the studio! Great product!"
Hicks - Lafayette, IN


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